Friday, September 24, 2010

STOP interfering and MIND your own business. YOU ASS!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

charlene birthday wishes / outting with baby! :)

Today , firstly i wanna to wish charlene a happy 19th birthday! :) hahaha wish you happy and pretty always kuah! :) Hope you enjoy the day that we celebrated for you , hee even through i was late there ! but we will always be there for you and friends forever ! :)

So what's up for today??! hee , i went meeting babe today for our outting at orchard and we had a really full lunch together!:) However i wasn't feeling really well today , hence we did not spend much time together today. I wanna to say sorry baby , but thanks for everything you did today and even the time was short but i really enjoyed alot and i love you<3 He then send me home after that. something really hilarious happened ! we were on our way on the mrt home and i just cant stop squeezing that big pimple on my face . suddenly the pimple just happened to shoot straight out, flew and land on babe jacket! hahaha!! thats was super funny ! we both laugh non stop on the mrt ! This incident was also seen by another girl and she gave a disgust look and i felt freaky embarrassing !! The pimple was still FREAKY PAIN till now hahah! thinking back of that just makes me feel so pai seh . i was then taught of a lesson never to squeeze your pimples in the public because ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN ! :P hahaahah!
Lastly , i wanna to tell babe , i love you<3 lots of hugs and kisses! :)

Monday, September 13, 2010


I love they sing this song :) S.H.E!

what an encounter!

Today was the 2nd last day of ut ! was really happy another one down and last day to real hols break this time ! :) Today i was suppose to wake up early in the morning around 530 , but i could not , i was really tired ! hence i went back lying down and sleeping knowing that i be waking up really late ! hahahaa i then left house around 6 30 and travel down to wait for 168. IT WAS FREAKING CROWDED ! i could not even get up the stupid bus and had to walk down to the bus stop before mine. And something really stupid happened.

I was already up the bus and was traveling down to the other bus stop that i last was at. Suddenly there is this barbarian uncle started coming up the bus shouting really loudly " MOVE IN MOVE IN !!!" he was just behind me and he was like shouting at my hears! NOT only saying , he was also like pushing and rushing ! After that he even start to talk to himself saying "bloody singaporeans , so selfish and all "! i wanted to tell him , " excuse me arent you one also?!" i really feel that he was rude in a way , he can say nicely instead of shouting his way in the public bus! But this was really the first time hahaha! so yea!

i then met wendy on the bus ! hahaha the funny thing was i was looking around when i just spot her . at first i was wondering " why does she look sooooo familar??" then i knew it was her hahaha ! we chat throughout that we can really talk alot on the bus all the way to wood lands heee! what a catch up!:) After so , went for my drawing UT and it was really screwed up! the questions were all 10 marks long ! and i just crap my way through , just hope i can be able to pass! next up is the last one already:) cant wait for it to be over! way to go!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

updates for the day !

Today , Have been a great day :) should i say things was getting better ? or should i say we are going back on the track! hahaha! I was really happy about it.I really hope it will work out this time:) Whats the other news?? hahaha I got to collect HEBE postcard today with my name written , at tampines mall.

But it was just written by the fan club members :P Hopefully , i still hope to see S.H.E back together as one for their new album , hope it be soon ! After everything i have bought , i head back home , but i miss my bus 38! and it was super hot the weather so i went to take 28 instead. The bus went pass the road that i used to live at which was tampines st 43 . All the memories of my young time childhood just came back , sometimes i just miss the times living there. I still remember the day before i moved i paste two stars stickers outside my window room to remember , guess it should be gone by now. what unforgettable memories here ! :) but it seems nice thinking back at times when you are all alone in a quite place:)
Now , i am currently still having my hols , and finally 3 UTS down ! was really relief ! hope i could faster end the remaining 2 ut! I got to get down to study some now even i know its really lazy. But do i have the choice ? hahaha of cus no! "PASS" is what i hope to get, NO Ds anymore ! hahaha PRAY HARD! got to go! :)

Monday, June 7, 2010


Its now during the holiday break , but why is my break going so fast ?? time flies real slow when i am in school . Maybe i jus enjoyed being at home hee :D Guess wad ? it is holiday break and we have EOF homework to do ??? wth , but no choice , i did one poster already but the colors are so limited , it looks weird , i was thinking of doing another but i am lazy .. should i?? maybe ...see if have that time . haha , My birthday is coming soon and i am soon turning 19:D so excited:D counting down to 1 more days :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

next stop..

i love the scenery too , its DAN SHUI ...down here you can find all the flavors of tie dan and lots of nice food too.
the longest ice cream:D they have lots of mixed flavors.

this museum in dan shui very fun got all the weird stuff like aliens all these .

these are the fun photos in the museum.
there are a few more pictures but i cut it short , but dan shui is really a great place for seafood and nice view for tourist:D
before we leave to take the MRT ,we saw this, its actually drawn by a road artist whereby you can sit there and they sketch your image out , hee and i came upon S.H.E, look alike ? i feel its looks only 85% alike:D

After dan shui we went to wu fen pu:D ITS A SHOPPING PARADISE:D
at there is actually a few alley of street whereby they sell clothes and everything at whole sale prices good deal , you must learn to bargain there :D and be careful of the on coming lorry or bike cus they just go in and out freely without telling you. haha

Due to there are lots of photo taken , i am lazy to post all so i just post some :D Hence i end off at the Tao yuan airport:D
I wan to go flower exhibitions, this is a upcoming hua jie in taipei i wanna to go but its in nov so hope i can be able to go haha I LOVE FLOWERS:D haha
Lastly i travel my way back home " Singapore"<3
before that on the plane i took a really beautiful sun set ;
hee i love this picture<3
End of journey , hope to visit Taipei again!